Surveys & Reports

We offer a free, no obligation site survey and quotation. We cover all areas of the UK and Ireland and have engineers working nationwide

Remedial Works

A wide range of remedial works are carried out on a nationwide basis. All works are carried out "in house" using our own fully trained engineers


We offer a comprehensive monitoring, sampling and testing service. Monthly monitoring packages or one off tests are welcomed.

Water Hygiene and Treatment Services

Nationwide Water Solutions Ltd supply water hygiene and treatment services across the whole of the UK. Our engineers provide a quality service and quick response to any urgent issues, giving you the customer piece of mind, and guaranteed reliability. NWS only use our own in house engineers, allowing us to provide a speedy reaction and swift customer response time.

Water Hygiene

Nationwide Water Solutions Ltd. offers a wide range of services related to water treatment and water hygiene including:

Water Tank Servicing and Maintenance

Whether you are searching for a new tank or need some assistance in maintaining an existing tank, we’ve got you covered. Our water tank services include:


We have a wide variety of techniques that we can use to repair damaged or corroded tanks. The exact method we use is determined by the type of tank and the degree of the damage. The repair is done incredibly fast. Your tank will be ready for use in as little as 4 hours.


Our lining service saves you money and extends your tank’s lifespan. If your tank doesn’t have any serious damages, our affordable water tank lining will fix all problems quickly. We use a unique, market-leading polypropylene lining system that we invented ourselves. It differs from other systems because it does not use any harsh chemicals or solvents. The lining is durable and resistant to high temperature, corrosion and shocks. You can fill your tank soon after we’ve installed the lining.


We install tanks of all sizes, shapes and specifications. We also manufacture tanks that suit your exact requirements. We can install tanks in properties of all sizes, in both easily accessible areas and hard-to-reach areas. Each tank comes with a range of accessories.

Cleaning and Chlorination

Cleaning and chlorination are important in preventing the build-up of contaminants in a water tank. Before cleaning, we examine the inside of the tank with a robotic underwater camera to look for additional problems. We perform any necessary small repairs, for instance on decomposed lining that can allow debris and contaminants to seep into the tank. We suck debris and contaminants using industrial water vacuums. We wash the tank’s walls to release any build-up of particles, scales and grime.

Our experts are well versed in the different methods of chlorination and know the best approach to take depending on the situation at hand. After completing the job, we’ll give you the required chlorination certificate. We’ll take water samples to perform a number of tests and send you the results.

Water System, Cleaning, Chlorination and Disinfection

We are dedicated to serving every need relating to water systems through the following services:


Cleaning water systems removes dirt and contaminants that can make them deteriorate quickly. Our experts have decades of experience in cleaning water systems. We manufacture our own cleaning chemicals, which we use to perform both pre-commission and renovation cleaning. If you prefer doing the cleaning yourself, we can supply our chemicals to you.

Chlorination and Disinfection

Our staff are highly trained and fully qualified to perform all methods of chlorination. They can help you choose the most appropriate method for your water system. Disinfection follows the installation of a new system or maintenance of an existing one. It kills microbes, preventing the serious health risks they can cause after infecting your system. We use a wide range of products, including our own chlorine formulations, chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide.

Cooling Tower Cleaning and Disinfection

Cooling towers can provide nutrition for the Legionella bacteria. You can eliminate this pathogen by having your cooling tower cleaned and disinfected. Our cleaning and disinfection process is a multi-step process. We start by chlorination and use of a bio-dispersant and then clean the system physically. Before returning the system to active use, we perform a final chlorination. We also inspect and clean the cooling tower packing. We also offer repair and refurbishment of cooling towers.

Water Analysis

We provide a fast and comprehensive water analysis service. We can provide it as part of our water hygiene service or as a stand-alone service. We have a fully accredited in-house laboratory where we perform a full range of tests on your water supply. Some of the tests we perform include microbiological tests to identify microbes; chemical tests to identify suspended solids and effluents, scale and deposits, corrosion products and chemical potability; and water leak analysis that identify heavy metals, minerals and chemicals in your water.

Water Treatment

Boiler Water Treatment

We offer a range of products and services to get rid of water treatment problems in boilers and heating systems as a whole. We tackle issues such as scale formation, sludge from microbiological activity, corrosion and suspended particles that can block hot water systems. Our treatments include oxygen scavengers, polymer sludge conditioners, pH control and alkalinity builders, and phosphate treatments. They help improve the safety and efficiency of boilers, saving our customers millions of pounds.

Cooling Water Treatment

We offer thorough cleaning and disinfection of cooling systems to prevent the build-up of scale and other contaminants. We use biocide additives that neutralize the harmful actions of microbes. Our chemical tests help identify the source of leaks in cooling systems.

Descaling of Heating and Cooling Water Systems

Hard water can cause a build-up of scale in heating and cooling systems. We have a range of cleaning products to eliminate scale, microbial slime, sludge and suspended particles. We start with a thorough analysis of the deposits and the water system. We select cleaning products that are chemically compatible with the system. We then descale the system and all the pipes.

Legionella Monitoring and Management

We also offer Legionella management and monitoring contracts. The contracts can be tailored to suit each property. We can perform all tasks related to assessing and controlling or preventing Legionella within your water system or commercial building. We can also provide onsite training and ongoing consultancy to appointed persons.

Legionella Risk Assessment Service

We also issue risk assessment to set up a tailored preventative maintenance program that is kept in site-specific logbooks. The logbooks are regularly reviewed and maintained by appointed persons under our guidance.

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