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Boiler Water Treatment & Heating Water Treatment

Boiler water treatment and heating water treatment systems are a vital maintenance requirement. Scale and corrosion in a water boiler can lead to a reduction in water flow and efficiency. This can have a range of bad effects, some of which are expensive and inconvenient while others are extremely dangerous. The reduced performance of congested boilers leads to wasted energy and increased operational costs. Steam pressure and quality are often inadequate, too.

But these are the least of the problems. A congested steam boiler can build up terrible internal pressures, which can ultimately lead to an explosion of scalding steam. This can be fatal. Many lives have been lost or irreversibly damaged as the result of poor water treatment leading to the formation of scale and mineral deposits in steam boilers.

We take this issue very seriously, which is why we provide a range of services and products to reduce scale and eliminate boiler water treatment problems. We look at the entire system, not just the boiler. Problems can be caused by mineral deposits in the tank, in the feed lines, and in the steam condenser. We address these issues separately.

Our boiler water treatments include:
Oxygen scavengers (they prevent corrosion through oxidation)
pH control and alkalinity builders
Polymer sludge conditioners
Phosphate treatments

These treatments have improved the efficiency and safety of our customers' boilers and systems, saving millions of pounds in operating costs per year.

Boiler Water Treatment

Boiler water treatment is essential to prevent corrosion, scale, and mineral deposits inside the boiler and water system. It helps to keep the entire system safe and guarantees the steam purity and quality.

Scale is the result of insoluble magnesium and calcium salts in the water supply. These minerals are naturally present in hard water. As the water passes through rocks and the soil, it picks up these compounds. When the water is heated, the scale forms against metal surfaces. You can observe the same effect in a kettle.

The problem is that this scale constricts the pipes and internal workings of the boiler, valves, and other equipment. This leads to reduced water flow, overheating, and the build up of pressure. It is these last two points that can cause fatal accidents.

The first step to preventing scale formation is to remove these mineral compounds from the water supply with a water softener. Also, chemicals can be added to fight against any minerals which were not removed during treatment. There are other issues to tackle, too. Sludge from corrosion products, microbiological activity, and suspended particles can also block up a boiler and hot water system.

Heating Water Treatment Chemicals

We have a range of heating water treatment chemical treatments that are effective against each of these problems. This makes it easier to clear the steam boiler with a controlled blowdown.

If the boiler already has a build-up of scale, we can perform acid washes to remove the minerals.

Corrosion is another serious problem. Oxygen, acids, and alkalies can each cause corrosion. Simply raising the feed water temperature can remove oxygen, leading to less corrosion. Water returning from the condenser should be distributed through a sparge arrangement to mix it thoroughly and reduce the oxygen present through aeration. An oxygen scavenger can remove any remaining oxygen.

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