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Heating System Descaling & Cooling Water

A hard water supply can lead to the accumulation of scale. In addition to reducing water flow, scale provides a fertile environment for microbes. In turn, they can produce films and slime inside a water system. The slime combines with corrosion products and suspended particles to produce a thick sludge which clogs the entire system. Heating system descaling and cooling system descaling is the ideal solution.

The early signs are a reduction of water flow and heat transfer. If left untreated, the entire system will eventually grind to a halt.

We have a complete array of cleaning products for heating system descaling, suspended particles, microbial slime, and sludge. We can clean your system and return it to full working order, and we can treat it so that it lasts longer and resists corrosion.

Fixing the problem starts with a thorough analysis of the deposits and your water system. We need to select a solution that's chemically compatible with the metal in your system, and it has to be formulated to break down the exact deposits you are dealing with.

On completion of heating system descaling, we'll work with you to work out a plan to prevent it from happening again. We'll identify the treatment problem that lead to the condition, and work out how to fix it.

Heating & Cooling Water Descaling Systems

The cause of scaling and mineral deposits is hard water. These deposits restrict water flow, resulting in a loss of efficiency and reduced heat transfer. In the case of boilers, this can be extremely dangerous. It can lead to overheating and even explosions! So it is essential to recognise the early signs and descale the water system and equipment as soon as possible.

We use a range of inhibited acids to clean and descale your boilers and heat exchangers. This includes sulphamic and hydrochloric acids. We perform a careful analysis of the scale and the metallurgy of your water system to ensure the acids are effective and safe for your installation.

Following the analysis, we perform a complete system cleaning and dispose of the waste. We then descale the boilers and heat exchangers using specially formulated acid washes.

The complete water system must also be descaled, so we perform a similar procedure throughout all of the pipeworks.

If you prefer to perform these tasks in-house, we can provide the supplies you need. We also hire acid cleaning rigs.

Pre-Operational Cleaning for Steam Boilers / Caustic Boil-out

Steam boilers accumulate a lot of contaminants as they are constructed. This includes oil, mill-scale, grease, debris, welding slag, and lots of other pollution as well. All of this has to be removed before the boiler can be used, otherwise problems can develop rapidly. The internal surfaces should also be treated to prevent corrosion.

We perform an alkaline cleaning service which eliminates these contaminants while cleaning and passivating the internal metal surfaces. The end result is a steam boiler that is clean, corrosion resistant, and ready for a long life of efficient service.

Heated and Chilled Water Systems

Closed water systems also need cleaning and passivation before they are ready for use. Otherwise, the contaminants and soluble solids will quickly jam up the close-tolerance valves.

We attack this problem with a combination of biocides, non-acid cleaners, and corrosion inhibitors. When cooling water system descaling is carried out and the system is prepared properly before it is put into production, it will enjoy a longer life of efficient service without troubles.

As time passes, contaminants and scale can enter the system. Corrosion products can accumulate and reduce the flow and efficiency of the system. This has to be removed to return the system to full operational order.

We have developed a range of products to quickly break down and remove the contaminants and accumulations which are causing the problem. We can quickly return the water system to an optimum condition, even when the system is heavily fouled.

We can supply and install filters and cyclone separators to clear up the problem and prevent it from occurring again. If you prefer to perform this maintenance yourself, we can supply you with all the equipment and chemicals you need.

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