Heating System Pre-Commission Cleaning

Nationwide Heating & Cooling Water System Pre-Commission Cleaning Service

Heating System Pre-Commission Cleaning

When a new water system is constructed, it is exposed to lots of dirt and contaminants. Debris from construction, heavy microbe colonies, oil and grime and many other types of dirt get into the system. They need to be removed before it can be put into operation, or else it will deteriorate fast. Heating system pre-commission cleaning is the ideal solution to combat this problem.

Cooling system and heating system pre-commission cleaning is essential to eliminate the dirt and suspended solids and to prepare the system for passivation. Treating the system with a corrosion inhibitor will extend its effective life by a large margin, but all of the surfaces have to be clean or else the treatment will not take.

We have decades of experience in cleaning closed systems. We manufacture our own line of cleaning chemicals, which we use in our work. Alternatively, we can supply the chemicals to you so you can do the work yourself.

Renovation Pre-Commission Cleaning

Time and toil will eventually put a strain on any water system, even one that is thoroughly cleaned before commissioning. Corrosion products from poorly treated water will eventually choke the system. The result is a reduction in flow and efficiency. The final measure is to replace the system with a new one - this is an extremely expensive move.

Renovation cleaning gives a fouled and congested system a second chance. It removes the deposits and contaminants that are stopping it from working properly. Once all of these solids and deposits are gone, you can extend the life of your system by many years with corrosion inhibitors.

Our products are safe, avoiding the use of harsh acids that can corrode the vital components of your heated or chilled water system. They can break down and eliminate the contaminants that clog these heavily congested systems.

Our decades of experience place us in the ideal position to provide the outstanding service you need. Whether you choose to hire us or do the work yourself, our products will get your system back to an optimal condition quickly.

All of our products are designed to be simple to use. We provide full instructions and complete technical support. Here are some of our products:

Corrosperse 84 is designed to dissolve rust and other corroded substances, dramatically increasing flow and heat transfer through clogged pipes. It is a non-acidic chelant and is suitable for use in renovation and pre-commission cleaning.

Supersperse is a surfactant designed to get rid of oil and grease.

TT20 is a corrosion inhibitor adjunct. We use it for systems built from aluminium and copper components.

Before you can eliminate sludge and suspended solids, you have to mobilise them. This is the job of Polyshield 300, a gentle and effective polymeric dispersant. It is extremely effective when combined with a Lakos Separator.

A Lakos Separator is used to remove suspended solids from recirculated water. It can be installed on the pipework, either as a part of the full circuit or on a side-stream. As water is passed through the Lakos Separator, the hydrocyclone uses centrifugal forces to throw particles into the dirt-bowl. They are then purged, resulting in clean water.

The combination of a Lakos Separator and Polyshield work together to rapidly remove sludge, restoring water flow and heat transfer.