Legionella Monitoring & Management

Legionella Monitoring & Management Contracts Service

Legionella Monitoring & Management

Legionella management and monitoring contracts can be custom built to each property. Following a site survey or risk assessment (if the current report found not to be in date) information can be collated and placed in a site-specific log book.

A table of responsibilities will be drafted and allocated to site responsible persons or placed under the control of NWS. With any service contract regular auditing would be carried out by NWS of any task carried out by site personnel.
National Water Solutions are happy to undertake all tasks but also provide the opportunity to save financially through providing onsite training and on going advice and consultancy with site appointed responsible persons.

Where sites have additional specialist equipment ie Chlorine dioxide units, chemical dosing equipment etc , the contract will be built to incorporate this.
Service contracts could include the following

Legionella Monitoring Procedure

Temperature Monitoring – Regular testing would ensure that bacterial colonisation will be minimised by temperatures being controlled and checked to see if within recommended parameters.

Sampling – With the use of UKAS accredited laboratory’s Bacterial sampling can provide an independent report on the condition of the water.

Cold Water Storage Tanks – These would be inspected annually and temperatures recorded bi-annually to ensure water is stored in a clean environment and within temperature ranges. During summer months temperatures could increase and NWS would provide assistance in offering further control

Temperature Mixing Valves- Valves would be checked to see if providing correct temperature ranges and serviced to reduce any risk of bacterial colonisation

Showerheads / Tap Spray Inserts – Identified as a major risk for legionella growth each shower head/insert will be cleaned as a minimum every 3 months.

Little Used Outlets – Following an initial site survey little used outlets will be highlighted and confirmed with site. Flushing of outlets will be carried out and recorded.

Calorifier Inspection’s – Annual inspections would be carried out on each calorifier found to have an inspection hatch. The calorifier condition will be reported along with photographic evidence. Annual samples will also be taken

Closed System Analysis - With the use of Test kits the closed systems can be tested and reports issued on condition. Regular testing can prolong the life of the system saving money. Laboratory sampling is also available