Legionella Risk Assessment

Legionella Risk Assessment Service

Legionella Risk Assessment Service

With regard to the requirement to carry out a legionella risk assessment, we will advise you of the requirements needed, before maintenance procedures can be implemented a full and thorough assessment must be carried out.

This will asses the physical condition of the services, their operation, the occupancy of the building and the effect that this will have on the potential for colonisation and dissemination of the legionella organism to a susceptible population.

If the systems have not been fully assessed then the implementation of control measures and their effectiveness is uncertain as the condition and operation of the system is unknown.

Sampling alone under these circumstances merely confirms the presence or otherwise of the organism at a specific point in time, it does not provide any means of minimising the potential for colonisation and dissemination in the first instance, which is the thrust of the legislation. The legionella risk assessment may highlight if some of this expenditure is better used elsewhere.

Legionella Risk Assessment Review

The legionella risk assessment should be reviewed as per regulation or if the use, occupation, fabric of the services of the building changes. This does not necessarily mean a completely new assessment be carried out, rather that it is reviewed in light of any changes and updated appropriately.

In buildings that contain a high proportion of elderly or potentially unhealthy people, who are therefore more susceptible to potential pathogens than the general population, the implementation of a legionella risk assessment and maintenance plans cannot be overemphasised. However a legionella risk assessment is required regardless of the building size or type of occupancy

It is the duty of all employers to ensure as is reasonably practicable the health, safety and welfare of all their employers whilst at work. A legionella risk assessment will help towards minimizing the risk.

A risk assessment issued by National Water Solutions will be used in setting up a tailored planned preventative maintenance program for each site, which would be kept in a site-specific logbook. This will be regularly reviewed and maintained under the control of an appointed responsible person and the guidance of National Water Solutions Limited.