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Water hygiene is a vital factor in controlling and preventing disease outbreaks. It's a vital part of safeguarding the health of employees, customers, and members of the public who visit your premises.

There are many water borne infections which can infect your water system, and it's essential to carry out water testing regularly. Water analysis can detect these microbes before they reach a dangerous population level.

Water Testing & Water Analysis

We provide a very fast water analysis service, as we have our own fully accredited in-house laboratory. We are accredited by UKAS, and provide a full range of chemical and microbiological water testing.

We can provide water testing as a stand-alone service or as a part of our extensive water hygiene service. Having our own in-house laboratory makes it possible for our consultants to provide rapid and accurate advice to our customers.

Alternatively, you can order sample kits online. We will send sample bottles to you so you can take your own water samples. You can return them to us by courier, and we will perform rapid testing and send you the results (complete with an official certificate). The full service is included in the price.

Besides testing for Legionella, we provide a wide range of tests. These include tests for aerobic colonies, E. Coli and other coliforms, pseudomonas bacteria, and staphylococcus aureus.

We also perform chemical testing, to identify scale and deposits, corrosion products, suspended solids and effluent, and chemical potability.

Water analysis can be used to quickly discover the cause for the degradation in water system performance so that it can be remedied effectively and permanently.

For instance, our water leak analysis examines the chemical clues which help you identify the source of your leak. We can identify the presence of heavy metals, chemicals and minerals in your water supply, pointing out weaknesses in your water treatment process.

How To Arrange Water Sampling

Our technicians are experts in taking accurate water samples. They know how to identify the correct sample points to get meaningful results. However, we also provide sample kits so you can collect samples yourself.

Once you have the samples in hand, send them to us by courier for a fast analysis. We provide the laboratory services to customers throughout the UK and overseas too.

We can provide this service on a one-off basis, or on a regular schedule with a contract. Contact us today and we'll discuss your particular requirements.

Legionella Control Services

Water sampling is just one piece of the puzzle. We provide a full range of services for controlling and preventing legionella. This includes:

Water hygiene services.
Disinfection and cleaning.
Legionnaires disease prevention.
Foam cleaning for cooling towers.
Legionella safety and awareness training.
Risk assessment and recommendations.
Water treatment for cooling systems.
Chlorination with chlorine dioxide.