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Water System Disinfection

Nationwide Water System Chlorination & Disinfection Service

Water System Chlorination & Disinfection

Clean water is an essential requirement for public buildings. But keeping the water supply clean and safe requires planning and careful work.

Disinfection is an important part of your water hygiene routine, to kill microbes and prevent them from infecting your system. It inhibits the formation of biofilms, and prevents serious health risks, such as legionella, E. coli, and other deadly bacteria.

We are experts in water system chlorination. Our highly trained staff are fully qualified to perform all types of chlorination, and can help you to choose the right method for your system. 

We usually do water system disinfection after completing maintenance work or installing a new tank or system. This is in-line with the current safety regulations.

There are several different water system chlorination systems. We use sodium hypochlorite with the soak method when we are working on a small or medium sized tank. For larger tanks and water systems, we use chlorine dioxide and the spray method.

Different water system arrangements present different challenges. In some cases, a gravity feed is the best approach for dosing the system. Sometimes direct injection is necessary, using a drum and mobile dosing pump. Spraying is often the best approach with larger tanks. 

Water System Chlorination & Disinfection Methods

Each method has its own advantages, and we will help you to select the right one for your requirements. Our engineers will be able to inspect your system on site and advise you concerning the specific needs of your installation.

After we have completed the water system disinfection, we will issue a certificate for your records. We'll also take a water sample and forward the results to you, with a complete set of documentation. We perform a complete battery of tests to detect microbes, biofilms, or other contaminants.

The cleanliness of your water system is an important factor in ensuring the health of your colleagues and any public persons who may visit your facility. We are dedicated to ensuring your system is as safe and reliable as possible. We have the skills and experience to guarantee your system meets all the relevant health requirements.

In our work, we have dealt with water systems of all sizes, from small buildings all the way up to huge water treatment plants. Our customers include water companies, large commercial property management firms, councils, utility companies, and construction companies.

Call us today and we will give you a free assessment and quote. We are able to travel to your site, anywhere in the British Isles or Republic of Ireland.