Water System Cleaning

Nationwide Water System Cleaning Service

Water System Cleaning

We specialise in water system cleaning and disinfecting water systems in a variety of situations and applications. We work with domestic water systems, food processing, and evaporative cooling systems.

It's essential to perform this task regularly, to prevent the build-up of dangerous microbes in the system. Legionella is a specific example of a dangerous microbe that can be controlled using a regular cleaning and disinfecting regimen.

We use a range of effective products in our service, including our own chlorine formulations, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide.

Our technicians are all highly trained and have a huge amount of experience. They conduct their work if full compliance with the relevant regulations, including BS6700.

Water System Cleaning Methods

Water storage tanks must be inspected and cleaned regularly. This often requires actual physical cleaning in addition to chlorine treatments. Our technicians are trained to perform a thorough inspection and carry out any required actions. They observe the full range of safety requirements when working in confined spaces.

After physically cleaning a water tank, we carry out a full chlorination. If necessary, we will also disinfect the down services which feed from the tank. If a legionella infection is present, we will use more powerful disinfectants, such as hydrogen peroxide or chlorine dioxide.

If you already have the trained and experienced personnel to do this job in-house, we can provide the equipment and supplies you will need. We can even provide our products with your label on the containers.

Water Tank Refurbishment

In the case of corroded water tanks, we can strip the corrosion back to a clean metal base. This is then coated with a highly durable water-based paint, to prevent further corrosion. A well-treated water tank is easier to clean and disinfect, and will provide clean water for years to come.

Controlling Pseudomonas Bacteria

Cooling systems can become blocked with slime from pseudomonas bacteria, drastically reducing their efficiency and performance. The slime combines with suspended particles and creates a heavy sludge. This puts a strain on your system, reducing efficiency and also increasing wear on pumps and other equipment.

We have developed products to kill and remove pseudomonas from closed systems. We can provide you with a permanent solution, leading to increased flow and cooling.

Cooling Tower Cleaning

Cleaning and disinfecting cooling towers is a major challenge and is an area where we excel. Reduced efficiency and the risk of Legionella are both strong concerns, so it's important to keep these towers clean and disinfected. We have published a detailed page that describes how we tackle this difficult task: