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The passage of time always leads to decay, water tanks are no exception to this rule. The inescapable fact is that all water tanks will need to be replaced one day, and our water tank installation service is is available for all types and sizes of tank.

They will all reach a point where they start leaking and ignoring the leaks could lead to serious water damage. And worse - contaminants and germs can get into the water supply creating serious health risks.

We specialise in a range of services to keep your tank working as long as possible - and we also help you to replace the tank when the right time comes. And sometimes it's a good idea to replace the tank as soon as possible.

For instance, many older residential properties have ancient galvanised steel water tanks. These tanks can slowly corrode (rust) leading to contaminated water and leaks. A better option is to replace the tank with a modern polyethylene plastic loft tank. These tanks are affordable, resistant to corrosion, and are very durable.

Water Tank Installation Services

Our water tank installation covers all sizes and specifications. 

Our most popular tanks are the one piece fibreglass tanks. We can make these in a variety of sizes and capacities, from 43 litres up to 24,000. These tanks are the top choice for sites where the access is good.

For more restricted areas, we recommend 2 or 3 piece tanks. The design of these units makes them easy to assemble securely, and they are ideal for new or old buildings.

For areas that are very hard to access, we can install sectional tanks. These tanks are composed of individual units that are constructed from one-meter square fibreglass panels. We can manufacture these tanks to any size and shape.

All tanks panels are hot press moulded. This gives them strength, durability, and improved insulation properties. Every tank comes with lid breathers, construction fittings, and seals.

Our tanks are provided with a broad range of accessories to suit your requirements. These include our durable thermoplastic lids. We designed specially to solve the problems that plague fibreglass tank lids, especially flaking or cracking. 

Water tanks must be cleaned regularly, which means the lids will be handled often. That's why it's essential that they are durable and shock resistant.

These are extremely durable tanks. They can be used for cold water, hot water, and chemicals. They will stand up to the corrosive effects of their contents and the air in the surrounding environment.

We have installed tanks in properties of all sizes, from the smallest residence to large factories and public buildings. We have worked on hospitals and even prisons. Safety and reliability are essential qualities for water systems in these institutions, and we have the skill and experience to do these jobs smoothly every time.

Call us today and we'll discuss your requirements with you. We'll provide you with a free quote and offer you advice drawn from our years of experience and expertise.