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Over time, simple wear and tear will eventually erode a water tank, causing it to leak. Add to this a host of other factors, such as corrosive chemicals, heat, shocks, vibrations, and impacts. At some point, every water tank will need to be fixed or replaced. Our water tank lining system is the ideal solution for leaking and corroded tanks.

Water loss from a leaky tank can be a major problem in itself. Wasting large volumes of water can be expensive, and it can reduce the water system's capacity. And leaking water can cause considerable damage.

But the biggest problem is the risk of contaminants, waste, and bacteria entering the tank. This can lead to a broad range of health risks, including legionella.

That's why repairing a water tank is always a high priority. It's important to do the job quickly, and with the minimum of disruption.

Sometimes a tank is so far gone that the only option is to replace it. Serious damage from heavy collisions or industrial accidents is often too serious to repair.

But in the majority of cases, a water tank lining system can fix the problem quickly, cheaply, and with a minimum of disruption. Water tank lining can improve your tank's durability and resistance to ageing so that it's even better than when it was new.

Water Tank Lining System

We use a unique polypropylene lining system - one which we invented ourselves. Unlike other lining systems, the polypropylene system does not use solvents or harsh chemicals. This is a truly revolutionary product and is recognized as an industry-leading innovation. 

A water system is a key installation, so shutting it down can be very disruptive and expensive. That's why we work so hard to minimize the downtime. 

We manufacture the lining to fit the exact dimensions of your tank. This means we can work very quickly when we reach your site. We can install the lining in around 4 hours for most tanks. For very large tanks, we can complete the job within a day.

We are able to make linings for tanks of any shape and size. Polypropylene is incredibly resilient. It can stand up to high temperatures, highly corrosive chemicals, and shocks. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, from potable water to chemical storage.

As soon as the lining is installed, the tank can be filled again. The hot-air welding technology we use means that there is no curing time. The joins between the sheets of the lining are incredibly strong, durable, and resistant to ageing.

It forms an attractive glass-smooth finish that is extremely easy to clean and inspect. If it should suffer puncture damage in the future, it is very easy for us to repair it using heat welding.

This is a well-proven technology - we have installations that are almost two decades old and still going strong. We are trusted by many large companies, public organizations, the NHS, and local governments. 

We back every installation with a ten-year guarantee, but as long as you look after it properly, there is no reason it shouldn't last indefinitely.

In summary, the polypropylene water tank lining system is affordable, fast and long lasting.

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