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Corrosion, wear and tear, and random damage can lead to a leaky and unsafe water tank. Replacing a tank can be expensive, but ignoring the problem is a big mistake. A tank in poor repair can cause damage through leaking, and can become contaminated as foreign elements seep into it from the environment. This can lead to serious health risks.

This is why water tanks in public buildings must be kept in good condition. There are strict requirements that must be followed - and it's not simply a matter of legal compliance. The health of your colleagues and members of the public are deeply affected by the quality of the water in the building.

Water Tank Repair & Refurbishment

Water tank repair and refurbishment are alternatives to replacing a tank. They can greatly extend the lifespan of your existing tank. They can bring it to full compliance for much less than the price of replacing the tank with a new one.

We have a huge amount of experience in the field of water tank refurbishment. We've worked with huge water companies, large industrial concerns, public institutions, heavy industry, and residential clients.

We have a range of water tank repair techniques for repairing a damaged or corroded tank - the exact methods we use will be based on the type of tank and the degree of damage.

To begin with, cracks and perforations have to be repaired. It's important to avoid the use of heavy chemicals and solvents, so we use fibreglass resin to fill in the holes and fissures.

Next, we will use a lining or coating system to protect the tank from further corrosion and keep the water clean.

Our most popular and effective lining system is a polypropylene lining system - which we invented ourselves. This has been widely recognised as an industry-leading innovation.

We manufacture it in our own facilities and produce it to the exact dimensions of your tank. This makes installation fast and painless. We simply install the lining and join it together using hot air to weld the pieces together. No solvents or chemicals are used.

The water tank lining is incredibly resilient and tough. It can withstand high and low temperatures, highly corrosive chemicals, and shocks. If it is perforated somehow, it's very easy to repair. It has an effective lifespan which is measurable in decades, as long as it is properly maintained.

The finish is glass-like, making it very easy to clean and inspect. And the installation is unbelievably fast - we can have the lining installed in around 4 hours, and the tank will be ready for immediate use.

We also use an epoxy resin coating system, which is necessary in the case of heavily corroded tanks or old galvanised steel tanks. It is also the best choice in the case of high volume tanks. We use multiple coats, to make sure the finish will be tough and durable. We can finish it with a range of coatings suitable for different industrial applications.

Choosing the right water tank repair method for your tank will require an inspection of the current state of the tank and the existing water system. Call us today, and we will send our engineers to your site to do a complete inspection. We will provide you with a detailed list of findings (complete with photographic evidence). We will also provide a competitive quote covering all required refurbishment works.